A Favorite Teacher Sunrise Cat in the Sky
Tree of Life
Happy Fairy

Malcolm X Elementary School Mural Project
painted by students in Spring 2005

These eight 4' x 4' mural panels were painted by students in an after-school class taught by Bonnie Borucki at Malcolm X Elementary School. The students were encouraged to interview friends, teachers, or family members and paint a portrait or story from the interview. The student’s murals will be placed on the reverse side of the South Berkeley Senior Stories murals and mounted on the Malcolm X school fence.

A Favorite Teacher

by Aimee

5th Grade

Aimee choose to paint her teacher, Ms. McDougal , as a child. Aimee interviewed Ms. McDougal about her favorite subjects and painted this portrait from a childhood photograph.

Fire Dragon

by Anthony

3rd Grade

Anthony designed and painted this expressionistic fire-breathing dragon and warrior full of color and movement as his icon.

Play Sports!

by Colleen

4th grade


Colleen honored her favorite sport, socceer, and painted a tribute to Sports for Kids to encourage participation in team sports.

Happy Fairy

by Eliza

3rd Grade


Eliza first started this painting of her friend Maya. Somewhere in the process, Maya sprouted wings and became a fairy.

Sunrise Cat in the Sky

by Emma

5th Grade


Emma's painting reminds me of the circle of life, a cat suspended between two flowers, with the birds above and fish below.

To Louise

by Marta

3rd Grade


Marta painted this portrait to honor Louise Rosenkrantz, her kindergarten/1st grade teacher, who retired this year from many years of service with the BUSD.

Tree of Life


4th Grade

Rachel, I believe, painted this tree in memory of the huge elm tree that graced the Malcolm X playground for decades and was cut down two years ago due to Dutch Elm disease. A child's hand is reaching up towards the animals resting in the tree's limbs.

Flight of the Phoenix

by William & Joseph

3rd Grade


This picture is from the viewpoint of the mighty firebird spreading it's wings in flight high above the mountains and forests below.